Thursday, July 31, 2008


This week was VBS. It started Sunday night and ended last night. It was awesome, but good grief was it late. The kids had to be there at 6:00 and it didn't let out until 9:30! Normally the kids are in bed by 8:00 so they've been extra crabby. They had 900 kids attend this year from preschool to junior high age. Junior high kids did their own thing, but preschool to 5th grade each went up on stage to sing one song they had learned. I had to drag Jordan up there and then run down the steps. When I turned to look at her she was standing right in front crying. She ended up coming down the steps and then eventually going back up there when she got a little braver and finished the song with some dance moves and all. Of course Jake had no problems being on stage at all.

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Amanda said...

900 Kids????!!!!! Oh my word! We were very thrilled for breaking 100! Wow!