Sunday, August 17, 2008

Today is my birthday! It's hard to believe how old I am. I don't feel 35. I was telling Eric I remember so clearly being 15 and going into my sophomore year in high school. We had just moved to Fishers and I was going to be starting at Hamilton Southeastern. It just doesn't seem that long ago! Certainly not 20 years. That's ridiculous. So if those 20 years went by that fast, next thing I know I'm going to be celebrating my 55th birthday and remembering my 35th like it was yesterday. Today Eric is working so we celebrated yesterday. He and the kids made me dinner and a cake. Then they sang happy birthday. It was a really good day. This morning Jake woke me up and wished me happy birthday then he told Jordan she could have a chocolate donut if she did the same.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!!!! The video was adorable. :)

Sandy said...

Lisa~ Happy Birthday!!!
That video was so cute. I can't believe how grown up your kids are getting. Hope you had a great birthday!