Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Living Passionately

Eric told me Facebook has replaced my blog so I thought I'd update. This week in our series on One Month To Live we're focusing on living passionately. If we knew we had one month to live, we would experience crystal clarity about how to prioritize our time. If you waste your time, you waste your life because time is your life. So this week I have committed to spending more time with my kids. Not just for this week, I hope I will keep it up. I did play dolls with Jordan, and read books with both of them. We rode bikes and did homework. I am making a conscious effort to listen to them when they're trying to tell me something and remember that they are so much more important than Facebook, the internet, TV, my ipod. It feels so much better to cut out so many things that just aren't important that consumed so much of my time. I have to say that I'm not just doing this by my own willpower. By staying connected to God and keeping a strong relationship with Him I'm able to keep up the changes I'm making. I really recommend One Month To Live - Thirty Days to A No-Regrets Life by Kerry and Chris Shook.


Amanda said...

Sounds awesome Lisa! :) You're a great mommy.

Lisa Kracinski said...

Thanks Amanda!