Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jakey's Birthday!

I'm so far behind! Jake's birthday was October 19th and he turned 6. We celebrated on the 18th at the JumpZone in Mokena, Illinois. We invited his kindergarten class and of course our friends the Laneys and Melvilles. My Mom was there also. He had a blast. It's an awesome place to have a birthday party for kids. They have huge inflatables for the kids to jump in, climb up, slide down etc. We had that room for 1 1/2 hours and then moved into the party room where we had pizza and his ice cream cake. They do all the setting up and cleaning up which is great. The only problem was we only had that room for 1/2 hour I think, so there wasn't time to open his presents. We had to do that at home. He didn't mind but some of the kids wanted to see his reaction to their gifts. He loved everything and got too much! Jordan is looking forward to having her party there in May, and she's already asked for a Spiderman party! I have 6 months to change her mind.

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Kristi and Mike said...

yeah- jackson had so much fun--he wants his party there!!!