Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Frickin Freezing!

Thursday school was cancelled due to dangerously cold temperatures. The highest I saw the temp. get without the windchill was -7. Friday was the same thing although by the time I left work it was 0 and I could tell it was warmer! Crazy. This morning Eric is getting up to go to work and discovers we have a leak in the basement from frozen pipes. It happens to be in the crawl space where the duct work is for the air conditioning. So in order to even fix it, someone has to remove the ducts! So off he goes to work and here we are with no water. Stuff like this always happens when he's at work! I'm frustrated.


Amanda said...

Oh no!!!!! When will you have water? It's stinkin' warm here today...It's currently 15 degrees. :-)

Lisa Kracinski said...

Eric came home from work to work on it. We're currently brushing teeth and washing hands with bottled water! I hate wasting it like that. Jordan of course had to poop in the toilet that we can't flush. It's a nightmare.

Amanda said...

Ha! Gross. Are you keeping the bathroom door shut to keep out the smell?